Help Kids Fight Night Blindness through a Custom Vitamin Manufacturer

According to a report from Tele Management, scientists from the UK may have found a reason why some children have a fear of the dark:

Many young children are afraid of the dark and the complaint is often attributed to an irrational fear that will subside with time, or attention-seeking behaviour.

However, researchers from Garnavel General Hospital in Glasgow say that, for some children, the fear may be due to a sight condition called night blindness.

Researchers highlight the cases of two children who were extremely frightened of the dark and dreaded being left alone when the lights were switched off – one child even had a fear of shadows.

After examining the children, the researchers found they were suffering from a sight disorder called nyctalopia (night blindness).


Night blindness is a condition that causes people to struggle seeing their surroundings in low-light settings. According to some studies, nearly one-third of the entire child population under five years of age in the world suffer from night blindness. The condition has a wide range of causes: horrible nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, vitamin A deficiency, etc.

Night blindness is not a new development in the medical world. In fact, the condition can be traced back to records from ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks. In those days, people suffering from night blindness were fed animal liver, which is a great source of Vitamin A.

Today, with a trusted custom vitamin manufacturer like Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc., there’s no need to hunt for animal liver. Custom vitamin manufacturers create vitamin supplements that address the needs of certain people. This service is a great option for large vitamin suppliers that need to have a specific vitamin included or excluded, or formulated in a specific amount, for their clients.

Custom vitamin manufacturers offer pharmaceutical or supplement companies a wide range of ingredients, which allows the creation of alternative supplements if the conventional one happens to contain allergens. In addition, these supplements can come in different forms. Colored capsules, time release tablets, soft gel capsules, and chewable tablets are some of the choices a reputable vitamin contract manufacturer can provide to vitamin companies.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Fear of the dark may be caused by night blindness, Tele Management, November 2, 2013)


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